Entertainment with Golf, a precision sport

Many times, the fact of hearing the word ” Sport “, makes us come to think immediately of physical contact activities, of people who must burn a considerable amount of calories and that sport is often associated with activities demanding in terms of the physical performance of the people who practice it.

So, maybe the sport makes us think firsthand about activities like football, basketball, baseball … etc, but to all of these, sport, in short, is not necessarily an activity of high physical performance or at least , not as much as the sports practices already mentioned.

Likewise, if we have a notion of the sport corresponding to the one presented at the beginning of this paragraph, it may be necessary to review this article, in which you will realize that this sport, despite not being physically or very quickly , is undoubtedly an activity that deserves a lot of effort and dedication. In practical effects, we will talk about what golf is, what it implies, its steps and its main aspects, allowing the reader to offer a notion of what this sport is and its practical approach.

As mentioned above, golf is a sport that fundamentally implies one thing: precision and that in this sense, the goal is to insert a ball into holes that are framed along a field.

Golf, something more than putting a ball in a hole

The smaller the number of strokes that the person must make to get the ball into the hole, the greater the amount of point.

Therefore, the players must use a series of sticks that are considerably light (they vary in certain measures), being the most convenient according to the preferences of the player, called a golfer. When we mention precision, we refer to the extent to which the player must perform the rational calculations in order to introduce the ball into the hole with the least amount of throws during a game.

It is called ” Hole in 1 ” those launches in which the launcher manages to introduce the buoy with a single release, situations that are quite impressive for both the general public and practitioners of the sport.

The place where the Golf is played

The game area is understood to be a field of natural grass, totally in the middle of nature and is that this field tends to be constituted by 18 holes.

It is then 18 partial routes, which, at some point will contain the hole mentioned. Partial tours are sometimes called holes. The holes have a numerical order of the ordinal type ( Hole 1, Hole 2, Hole 3 … ) There is no artificial field in this sport in which players enjoy an elaborate playing field or area.